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Benefits of Digital Printing for Packaging and Displays

Specialty, Manufacturing 08/02/17 Pratt Industries

Pratt Industries Digital Printing

Digital print for packaging and displays has many benefits and is ideal for customers who are looking for alternatives to traditional offset printing which is a plate or tooling driven process. It offers a way to professionally brand protective packaging and in-store signage and displays with custom print without the need for large production runs. Digital printed packaging, labels, and displays is a fast-growing market – and for good reason – it offers many benefits to the customer including:

  • Cost Effective: Digital print requires no die-cut tooling or print plates which can be an unexpected upfront expense for the customer or out of range cost for smaller businesses.
  • Small Production Runs: Digital print allows for production of small volume jobs and print runs.
  • Universal Application: Digital print has a universal application and prints on any substrate including metal, plastic, wood and corrugated paper.
  • High Print Quality: A 4 color + white process with spot varnish capabilities allows for creative, unique displays and packaging. In addition, multiple passes allows for better saturation and higher print quality depending on application needed.
  • Easy Edits: A digital platform allows customers to change copy on a per item basis. For example, in store displays and end caps can be modified on a per store or pricing offer basis.
  • Fast Turnaround: Digital print is typically 10-14 days faster than a traditional process thanks to enhanced output speed and productivity, as well as shortened setup times

Pratt Industries and Digital Printing

With features like reverse and double-image reverse printing, the capability to print on any surface under 2” and multi-layered printing with several finish possibilities in a single image, Pratt Industries uses top-of-the-line technology to produce some of the highest quality digital print for packaging and displays in the industry. Contact us to learn more!