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First Class Automotive Packaging from Pratt Industries

10/17/19 Pratt Industries

Corrugated box for auto parts | Automotive Packaging | Pratt Industries

Pratt Industries is a global leader in automotive packaging with an unparalleled commitment to our customers through innovation, quality, and service. With more than 30 years of experience servicing customers in the automotive supply chain, we understand the unique demands/requirements of OEMs, tier 1/2/3 suppliers, and aftermarket parts manufacturers nationwide. Utilizing our extensive network of sheet plants strategically located across the United States, Pratt Industries is able to meet the needs of our customers by offering a variety of custom packaging solutions. 

Exceptional Design and Engineering 

  • Over 60 packaging engineers. 
  • Custom solutions for each customer/automotive packaging program. 
  • Over 30 years of automotive packaging experience. 
  • Local customer service. 

Automotive Packaging Expertise 

  • Pratt provides automotive packaging for the major OEM’s, their Tier1/2/3 suppliers, and aftermarket part manufacturers. 
  • We manufacture cost-effective, expendable corrugated packaging material that’s sustainable, lightweight, durable, strong, customizable and protective. 
  • Produce a wide variety of expendable packaging solutions which include one-way shipments, export packaging, aftermarket packaging, service packaging, and bank builds. 
  • Expertise with returnable packaging which includes metal, plastic, and fabrics. 
  • Engineering-based design expertise, vendor consolidation as well as efficiencies in inventory/storage and the re-distribution of labor costs by providing set up boxes and assembly/kitting opportunities. 

Testing and Validation Labs 

  • PI-CAR – Pratt Industries Center for Automotive Resources. 
  • 2 Facilities with extensive testing capabilities ISTA and TAPPI certified. 

National Footprint, Local Service 

  • 38 facilities with automotive packaging capabilities. 
  • Nationwide centers of excellence in Michigan, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and Ohio.

At Pratt Industries, we are proud to offer a sustainable, corrugated automotive packaging solution for product containment during shipment. As the 5th largest corrugated packaging company in the USA and the world’s largest, privately-held 100% recycled paper and packaging company, you can rest assured that our customer-focused team will find the best solution for your automotive packaging needs. 

About Pratt Industries

We strive to make the process simple and seamless for our customers. We have the capabilities, resources, and expertise to be a one-stop-shop for all of our customers’ packaging needs. Our facilities have their own local operations, management, sales teams, designers, warehouse, logistics, and truck fleet. Decisions are made on a local level which allows for faster service and response times. We are a customer-focused company dedicated to extending our sustainable business practices while helping our customers achieve their own environmental goals. As the leading provider of high-quality paper-based products and other packaging solutions, we work with customers to create custom packaging products & solutions. From package design to new product launches and improvements in their supply chain, we help our customers throughout all aspects of the packaging process.