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Holiday Recycling Tips

12/04/17 Pratt Industries

Holiday Waste and Sustainability

Here are a few recycling tips to keep in mind during the holiday season:

  • Recycled Holiday Wrapping Paper | Eco Friendly Holiday

    Purchase holiday cards and wrapping paper that is labeled “made from” recycled material and better yet labeled “made from post-consumer” recycled material.

  • Purchase holiday cards and wrapping paper that can be recycled. Foils and multi-layer cards with non-paper layers are not easily recycled.
  • Purchase holiday and year-round cards that are remade from old cards. St Jude Ranch for children creates these cards as a fundraiser and learning tool.
  • Use one of the recycling drop-off sites if you have more recyclables than will fit in your bin.
  • As you are receiving those online orders shipped direct to your door, please make sure the boxes are recycled.
  • Properly dispose of your old computer that’s been replaced by a newer model. Disposing varies from recycling materials, to reusing components by a charitable organization. Earth 911, a non-profit corporation, has a listing of companies all across the nation. Visit their website, to learn more.
  • Recycle your natural Christmas tree at one of the metro area collection sites.
  • Remove your name from mailing lists of any catalogs you no longer wish to receive.
  • Give environmental gifts like reusable tote bags, lunch bags, travel mugs, house plants, bird feeders, bird houses, homemade foods and handmade items.