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Pratt Industries Greenville Awards Close the Loop Partner of the Year to Draexlmaier Automotive

06/05/13 Pratt Industries

Pratt Industries in Greenville SC Celebrates Earth Day 2013

Pratt Industries did more than just participate in Earth Day celebrations 7 weeks ago; we created new ways to celebrate the good work of our employees, our customers, and our company, protecting the environment all over the United States. One of our facilities took a unique approach that delighted the employees AND a special customer.

Pratt Industries Awards Draexlier AutomotiveThe Greenville, South Carolina plant decided to have a luncheon for all of the employees at that facility. T-shirts were purchased, lunch was ordered and there were videos playing to educate employees on all of Pratt’s sustainability efforts.

To add to the importance of the day, Rick Ammons and Frank Adams developed a “Close the Loop Partner of the Year” Award. Celebrating the presentation of the “Close the Loop Partner of the Year” Award to an unsuspecting customer Draexlmaier Automotive at the Earth Day Ceremony was truly a highlight for the customer and for Greenville. So proud is Draexlmaier Automotive that they have hung the prominent banner in their lobby.

Thanks Rick and Frank for thinking outside of the box on Earth Day!

Get a closer view of the “Closing the Loop” Award Banner below:


Pratt Industries Close the Loop Award