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Make an Earth Day Pledge

04/18/19 Pratt Industries

Make an Earth Day Pledge! Earth Day marks a special event each year. Since the 1970s, people across America have been committing to protecting their environments and making it safer for the community. This annual event serves as a reminder to live a sustainable life. Earth Day has drawn awareness across the country and has even driven the passage of laws by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), including the Clean Air and Clean Water acts.

But living a sustainable life also calls for a commitment to change to ensure our natural resources remain for years to come. That’s why it’s important to take an Earth Day pledge. The great news is there are several ways you can make an Earth Day pledge to become more sustainable in the coming year. Here’s how:

1. Hug a Tree (and Plant One)

Be at one with nature and pledge in a creative way by taking time to hug a tree and say your Earth Day pledge out loud. It may feel silly or awkward at first, but it’s a great way to show your commitment to making a change and promoting sustainability. Consider planting a tree, too. When you plant trees, you’re helping to put oxygen in the air, providing food sources, offering shade and helping to keep natural resources alive for the next generation.

2. Hold a Ceremony

If you want to get friends, family or your co-workers involved, consider holding a small ceremony outdoors. Have everyone write down their pledges on recycled paper and have some read their pledges. You can hold it outdoors to make it even more special that helps everyone connect to nature.

3. Take it Online

Create your own pledge to Mother Nature by setting up an online pledge of your own. For instance, participate in the Earth Day Network in creating an Act of Green and following up on your pledge, such as committing to use recycled paper or recycling your plastic bottles. Get your community involved or invite friends on your social networks to take your pledge as well by signing their names. Set up your own website or campaign to pledge for your favorite sustainable organization. Follow up with those who took the pledge throughout the year by engaging with your audience. Ask them to share pictures of the garden they pledged to plant or the recycling project they pledged to start in their community.

Sustainability is essential to making sure the resources you have today will be available for generations to come. But without taking the action to make this possible, it’s challenging to subside modern living’s adverse effects on the environment. Instead, make a pledge to Earth Day and considering trying one of the methods for pledging mentioned. By taking an Earth Day pledge, you can reduce the negative impact of modern living on today’s environment and help promote sustainability.

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