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Sustainable Holiday Tips

11/28/12 Pratt Industries
From iStockphoto

Help the environment this holiday season with these sustainable holiday tips!

Recycle E-waste

Are you contemplating buying a computer for that special someone – your spouse, your son or daughter who is going to school next year – replacing an older model?  Make sure that you’re helping the environment by recycling this large producer of e-waste.

Goodwill Industries has several drop off locations and they take e-waste (electronic waste = discarded electrical or electronic devices).

Dell has expanded their e-waste recycling program to include Hawaii.  Through the program, when a drop-off location receives a donation, a trained Goodwill staff member determines if the computer equipment can be reused, refurbished or recycled. Throughout the recycling process, Dell’s strict e-waste policies ensure that no environmentally sensitive materials are sent to landfills or exported to developing countries.  Your computer does not have to be a specific brand to be recycled at Goodwill Industries.

Support Eco-friendly Hotels

For those of us who are frequent travelers, you’ve noticed that there are more and more hotels being renovated in recent economically challenging times.  What happens to all of those mattresses?   Hilton Hotels recently announced a mattress recycling program that will recycle spent mattress materials into household products.  Materials like steel springs will become tools, cars and construction materials, wood will become particle board shelving and tempered flooring, cotton fibers will become oil filters and stuffing while quilt scrap will become carpet padding.

Use 100% Recycled Gift Wrap

Looking for an inexpensive way to wrap your gifts that SMACKS of “environmental friendliness?  Consider using 100% recycled paper from  It’s a great, eco-friendly and cost-effective way to wrap gifts – add twine for a nice, natural look.