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Waste Reduction Campaigns That Work!

02/06/17 Pratt Industries

Waste Reduction Campaigns That Work

Many businesses like the idea of going green and reducing their carbon footprint, if only because eliminating waste means saving money. But this mission might sound daunting and difficult, especially for organizations whose resources are already stretched thin. You don’t have to revamp everything that’s working to reduce waste; implementing a few simple, common-sense solutions is the way to start.

Slow Paper Flow

A significant amount of what we throw away is paper products. In 2014, about 26 percent of waste generated in the United States was made of paper. Your business might be able to waste less paper by:

  • Implementing a comprehensive office recycling program
  • Educating staff and vendors on the importance of paper waste diversion
  • Creating green purchasing and reuse policies like buying packaging made from recycled paper

Bring Worms to Work

Composting food waste cuts down on trash output, lessens the amount of methane produced at landfills and encourages people to pay closer attention to their food packaging. Starting a composting program in your office or cafeteria might earn you some raised eyebrows, but putting in the work to set up the system and train employees is worthwhile. To get started, enroll in the EPA’s Food Recovery Challenge.

Inventory Everything, Often

Most organizations have unused materials of some kind. Get in the habit of doing routine inventories of not just your workplace supplies, but also your waste. Perhaps you have cleaning supplies or break room snacks that routinely expire, or you are regularly discarding supply cabinets that could be fixed and reused.

Swap Out Disposable Items

Look around your facility for anything that’s made to be used and disposed: Can you exchange it for something reusable? Instead of stocking the kitchen with paper plates and cups, gift employees with ceramic coffee mugs they can use over and over. Opt for recyclable toner cartridges, which you can send back to the manufacturer once they’re empty, and swap out disposable batteries for rechargeables.

Enlist Employee Help

Reduce waste by making the most of your key resource: your employees. Invite their suggestions for ways to optimize resources. If your organization allows, you might even put one or more employees in charge of waste reduction strategies.

Maximize Waste Stream Diversion for Your Business

At Pratt Industries Recycling, our specialists understand the steps necessary to develop a program that cost effectively manages your waste stream while creating maximum landfill diversion. We take the time to learn about your business, from the number of employees to the products you produce or services you provide. The Recycling Division knows that creating a successful program requires a solution that fits your business model and fulfills the goals of your company. Your Pratt Recycling specialist will share our best practices to ensure the on-going success and sustainability of your overall recycling waste reduction. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help in your efforts to reduce waste and maximize your company’s landfill diversion opportunities.