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Pratt Breaks Ground on New 100% Recycled Paper Mill in Valparaiso, Indiana

03/21/14 Pratt Industries
Pratt Industries Valpariaso 100% Recycled Paper Mill Groundbreaking
Anthony Pratt joined by Mayor Jon Costas and Indiana Economic Development Corporation CEO Eric Doden at groundbreaking ceremony for new 100% recycled paper mill in Valpariaso, IN.

Pratt Industries has officially broken ground on its new 100 percent recycled paper mill – the 4th such facility it’s built in the past 20 years. Company chairman Anthony Pratt said the Valparaiso, Indiana, mill would be world’s most technologically-advanced and environmentally friendly recycling mill and was “a dream come true” for Pratt Industries.

“This mill will be a showcase of 21st century recycling technology which will result in the best performing recycled paper on the market,” he said.

“At capacity the mill will save the equivalent of some 20,000 trees and divert up to 3500 cubic yards of waste from landfills every day. That’s enough trees to cover almost 15 football fields and enough waste to fill 90 garbage trucks every 24 hours.”

“That’s important not only for our environment but also for our customers who realize the importance of sustainable, lightweight packaging.”

Valparaiso Mayor Jon Costas believed the 250,000-square-foot mill was “the single largest investment in the history of the city. Of course, Pratt Industries is our largest employer.”

The company already employs 280 workers at the adjacent box factory – the world’s largest – and the mill will add more than 100 new jobs.

“We talk about job creation,” Costas said. “But friends, this is job creation on steroids.”

Pratt said because of its location next to the existing box factory the mill’s freight cost would be almost zero. “So this will be a very low-cost mill,” he said. “We have over 100 facilities across the U.S. providing more than 4400 green collar jobs, but this Valparaiso facility will be very special to us.”