Sourcing, Producing & Recycling Paper Across the U.S.

07/02/24 Pratt Industries
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For more than 30 years, Pratt has been sourcing, producing and recycling paper in the U.S. We are proud to have built six 100% recycled paper mills in America, taking recovered fiber from old corrugated containers and mixed paper materials and turning it into new rolls of paper. The feedstock for our 100% recycled paper …

Staying Cool and Hydrated: A Commitment to Safety

06/10/24 Pratt Industries
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As summer temperatures rise, keeping our workforce cool and hydrated becomes paramount at Pratt Industries. Our safety and location leaders emphasize proper hydration and cooling techniques using recommendations from OSHA and the CDC.

Fighting Food Insecurity

05/06/24 Pratt Industries

Pratt Industries and Executive Global Chairman, Anthony Pratt, have long supported efforts to raise awareness about food insecurity and to take action against hunger. “Food doesn’t get the attention it deserves,” says Anthony Pratt. “It is a source of health in the most basic sense and there is no better cause than doing right and …

Women of Pratt Industries Share Why Pratt is a Special Place to Work

03/19/24 Pratt Industries

At Pratt Industries, we employ women in roles throughout our company. With experience that ranges from a few years to several decades, women across our organization share their perspectives on why Pratt is a special place to work. “One word describes working at Pratt to me: opportunity. Our leaders give employees the opportunity to be …