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Workplace Safety, Top Priority & Shared Commitment

06/07/22 Pratt Industries
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Workplace safety is a top priority and shared value at Pratt Industries.  Our network of plants across the country takes great strides to emphasize key safety procedures and protocols through ongoing training, employee engagement and shared celebrations.

Employee Well-Being is a Key Component to Pratt Industries’ Work Culture

05/04/22 Pratt Industries
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One of Pratt Industries’ guiding principles is to hire the best people and provide an environment where they can thrive and succeed. According to Anthony Pratt, executive global chairman,“Pratt operates under four key principles and one of them is to look after our best people. When we started Pratt more than 30 years ago, we …

Women of Manufacturing and Pratt Industries

03/17/22 Pratt Industries

According to Deloitte, manufacturing has traditionally been a male dominated industry with women making up approximately one third of the industry. A US labor and statistics article found that women make up nearly 30% of employees within manufacturing. However, the benefits of hiring women for manufacturing roles are well documented and include improved innovation and …

Developing and Investing in the Next Generation of Packaging Professionals

01/17/22 Pratt Industries
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While producing innovative, sustainable packaging solutions is core to our business, so too, is building a pipeline of highly trained and engaged professionals. These individuals bring to life the myriad of corrugated products that our customers and consumers use each day. To continue to build this next generation of packaging experts, Pratt Industries invests in …