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Pratt Industries Helps Customers Close the Loop

Sustainability, Recycling 07/17/18 Pratt Industries

Close the Loop refers to giving used products new life – and a signature program at Pratt Industries.  Thanks to innovative partnerships and a vast national network, we annually collect more than 2.2 million tons of recyclable materials.  Doing so not only extends the reach of our sustainable practices, it helps our customers achieve their …

“Don’t Litter, Recycle” School Poster Contest Winners Announced at Staten Island Yankees Game

Recycling, Community 06/29/17 Pratt Industries

On June 26th, Pratt Industries along with the Department of Sanitation New York, the Office of the Borough President James Oddo and the New York Department of Education announced the winners of the “Don’t Litter, Recycle” school poster contest. This borough-wide art contest asked students from Pre-K to eighth grade to create posters promoting a campaign for recycling in an effort …

5 Ways to Improve Your Corporate Sustainability Image

Sustainability 11/29/16 Pratt Industries

  Cultivating a sustainable culture within your company is important for prospective customers, future employees and workplace culture. Many organizations think that they need a major overhaul of their operations to improve their “green” image. However, here are five ways you can improve public perceptions about your company’s sustainability without having to change everything. 1. …