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Earth Day 2017

Sustainability, Recycling, Clean Energy 04/18/17 Pratt Industries

Earth Day is April 22nd. In celebration, offers an interactive guide offering free tips for New York residents on how to get to zero waste as part of NYC’s Zero Waste to Landfill Plan. As part of this plan, the City will eliminate the need to send waste to out-of-state landfills, thus minimizing the overall …

Steps to Integrate Your Company’s Supply Chain for More Sustainable Growth

Sustainability, Clean Energy 01/24/17 Pratt Industries

  By now, most businesses are well aware that “going green” can help them make or save more of the green they’re most interested in: money. Sustainability is a win-win for the environment and for a business’s bottom line. If your goal is to incorporate sustainability into your supply chain, here’s a bit of great …

National Climate Action Plan Unveiled

Sustainability, Clean Energy 06/27/13 Pratt Industries

In a recent speech at Georgetown University, President Barack Obama unveiled a national plan that spells out how America will help tackle climate change. In his speech, President Obama acknowledges that the time to act is now and that there is no question as to whether human activity is contributing to climate change. Ninety-seven percent …

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