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Staying Cool and Hydrated: A Commitment to Safety

06/10/24 Pratt Industries

At Pratt Industries, safety isn’t just a priority—it is a guiding principle embedded in everything we do. We believe that a safe work environment is the responsibility of every individual, from management to each employee on the production floor or in the office. 

As summer temperatures rise, keeping our workforce cool and hydrated becomes paramount. Our safety and location leaders emphasize proper hydration and cooling techniques using recommendations from OSHA and the CDC.

Providing Fluids

Proper hydration starts with accessibility. To ensure that water is readily available to all employees, many plants place large tubs of ice filled with bottled water and sports drinks throughout the production area for convenient access to fluids. Some plants combine hydration reminders with a fun break and opportunity for employees to bond. 

“At times throughout the summer, we’ll have a snow cone truck come to the plant so that employees can take a break from their shifts and enjoy a treat,” said Daniela Jovic, HR Manager, Cedar Hill, TX. “The snow cones taste delicious and are a fun way to remind employees to stay hydrated.”

Reusable water bottles are a popular employee gift in summer with water fountains and refill stations placed throughout the plants and office areas and give another reminder to stay hydrated.


Our safety committees work together to provide tips on staying hydrated, what causes dehydration and how to prevent it both at home and at work. This information is shared in employee materials such as posters, newsletters and safety calendars as well as through daily safety meetings. Through these efforts, employees gain the knowledge to recognize signs of dehydration in themselves and others and are empowered with how to help.

“Our teams work hard to educate all employees on recognizing signs of heat stress and dehydration in themselves and their co-workers,” said Ryan Peart, Director of Safety. “Understanding these signs are important to staying safe in the heat not just at work but at home also.” 

Creating Comfortable Spaces

Many locations offer designated cool areas for breaks. These spaces are equipped with large fans or air conditioning units to ensure proper circulation. Cooling neck wraps are often available as well.

By prioritizing hydration and safety, Pratt Industries remains committed to providing a supportive work environment where employees can thrive. Together, we’re not just manufacturing corrugated packaging—we’re building a culture of wellness and resilience.