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Pratt Opens Newest Recycling Facility in Conyers

09/24/15 Pratt Industries

Pratt Industries, America’s 5th largest paper and packaging company, has officially opened its newest recycling Material Recovery Facility at its corporate eco-campus in Conyers, Georgia. The plant, which will receive materials from both municipal and commercial recycling programs, is the most advanced MRF in Georgia.  It can process both residential and commercial single-stream recyclables, source-separated and baled materials. These include various grades of paper, plastic and metal as well …

Denton’s MRF Offers a Fresh Look at Recycling

07/11/13 Pratt Industries

MURF?, MURPH?, MIRF? No, it’s a MRF – A Material Recovery Facility.  Since its grand opening in November 2011, the Pratt Industries’ MRF in Denton, Texas has had hundreds of students visit the facility to learn about recycling in a fun and interactive way. An impressive operation in its own right, Denton’s MRF makes the …