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5 Tips for More Sustainable Supply Sourcing

Sustainability 02/13/17 Pratt Industries

A sustainable supply chain is good business. Through sustainable practices, you can save resources and money, optimize supply chain processes and discover ways to innovate your product. A recent Accenture survey for members of the United Nations Global Compact on sustainable business practices showed that 96 percent of CEOs believe sustainability should be integrated into …

E-commerce Packaging Considerations for Consumer-Based Businesses

Sustainability, Corrugating, Logistics, Manufacturing 11/07/16 Pratt Industries

For consumer-based eCommerce businesses, the customer experience is probably the single most important factor to company success.  Customers are a company’s greatest asset, and it’s just good business to satisfy customers. Since packaging and the box in which a product is contained is likely the first tangible interaction a customer will have with the brand, it’s …

How Going Green Can Make a Company More Successful

Sustainability 10/03/16 Pratt Industries

Corporate sustainability is becoming more of a focus for companies across the globe as research uncovers the detrimental impact humans and businesses can have on the environment. Going green as a company not only helps to reduce its environmental footprint, but it can even make a business more successful. The following are a few ways corporate …