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eCommerce Packaging Customer Spotlight: Lauren James

Corrugating, Manufacturing 11/10/17 Pratt Industries

The unboxing experience is an important customer touchpoint for eCommerce, subscription boxes, and other ship-to-home businesses. As a result, packaging offers a unique opportunity to make a tangible brand impression. With Pratt’s inside print capabilities, customers have a unique opportunity to reinforce brand values inside the box. One such customer, Lauren James, is very focused …

Corrugated Boxes and Food Safety: A Farm to Box to Table Initiative

Sustainability, Corrugating, Manufacturing 09/18/17 Pratt Industries

When it comes to getting foods from farm to table, paper based packaging like Pratt 100% recycled corrugated boxes not only prove to be sustainable, but also help reduce food waste and offer optimal protection for fresh produce and other foods. According to Paper + Packaging Board in their Farm to Box to Table initiative, …

Van Solkema and Pratt Industries: A Packaging Success Story

Corrugating, Manufacturing 08/09/17 Pratt Industries

Sometimes a shift in packaging strategy can garner incredible results. The following success story highlights how Pratt’s strategic and sustainable approach to a company’s packaging supply chain resulted in significant savings and better customer experience. Van Solkema was purchasing all of their corrugated from Chicago, however the service level due to the supplier’s distant location …

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