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06/27/23 Pratt Industries
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Cedar Hill, Texas (June 27, 2023)— Pratt Industries, America’s leading 100% recycled paper and packaging company, will officially open its new $253 million advanced manufacturing box factory in Cedar Hill, Texas, today. At capacity, the 1.1 million square foot plant – one of the largest and most modern of the company’s 71 factories spread across …

Pratt Invests in High Graphics and Advanced Print Technologies

05/11/23 Pratt Industries
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To meet the growing demand for faster speed to market and a more agile supply chain, Pratt Industries has committed to strategic growth initiatives across our nationwide network, and a top priority is staying at the forefront of the high graphics movement. Pratt’s high graphics investments offer our customers quality graphic solutions through a combination …

Pizza Packaging Made Easy (and Sustainable)

01/30/23 Pratt Industries
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Approximately three billion pizza boxes are manufactured in the U.S. each year1 and nearly 12.5 million of those pizzas are purchased for Super Bowl Sunday alone according to American Pizza Community. Pratt Industries is proud to be a producer, supplier and recycler of pizza boxes used to celebrate special occasions, from the big game to …

At Pratt, Every Day is America Recycles Day

10/28/22 Pratt Industries
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At Pratt, every day is a day we support, promote and actively participate in recycling. Here, recycling means more than just converting used material into something new. Recycling is the first step in providing the recovered fibers, or feedstock, used for Pratt’s 100% recycled paper mills, making it a cornerstone of our business. Additionally, Pratt …