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At Pratt, Every Day is America Recycles Day

Sustainability, Manufacturing 10/28/22 Pratt Industries
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At Pratt, every day is a day we support, promote and actively participate in recycling. Here, recycling means more than just converting used material into something new. Recycling is the first step in providing the recovered fibers, or feedstock, used for Pratt’s 100% recycled paper mills, making it a cornerstone of our business. Additionally, Pratt …

Beyond the Box Solutions: Pratt Partners with Customers to Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiencies

Manufacturing 10/06/22 Pratt Industries
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At Pratt Industries, we take a holistic approach with our customers to look beyond basic packaging needs to develop vertically integrated, sustainable solutions to help protect, transport and drive sales for our customers’ products. To do this, we employ an extensive network of highly skilled experts who apply the knowledge they’ve gained from various industries …

Pratt Logistics: Optimized Supply Chain, Exceptional Customer Service & Reliable Partner

Uncategorized, News, Manufacturing 07/08/22 Pratt Industries
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Pratt Logistics, LLC is an integral part of Pratt’s vertically integrated supply chain. Utilizing a tenured team, modern truck fleet and advanced technology systems, Pratt Logistics helps to optimize the supply chain, driving efficiencies and a superior customer experience. Tenured, Customer-Focused Team Pratt’s tenured team of logistics experts helps ensure products flow smoothly from Pratt …