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Providing Veterans with a Path to Civilian Careers

10/27/23 Pratt Industries
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Pratt is proud to employ veterans in a variety of roles throughout our organization, from frontline production and operations roles to senior leadership positions. Many of our former military employees share that Pratt’s corporate culture–which emphasizes the importance of teamwork, an entrepreneurial spirit of continuous improvement and career growth opportunities–enables them to have a smooth …

From the Classroom to the Workforce: Inside Pratt’s Internship and Co-op Program

08/30/23 Pratt Industries
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In addition to creating sustainable and innovative packaging solutions, Pratt Industries is dedicated to investing in the nation’s rising talent with a long-term vision of cultivating a thriving workforce for the future. Pratt demonstrates this commitment by providing internship and co-op opportunities which grant students and recent graduates a valuable glimpse into the packaging industry, …

Putting Safety First: Lithium-Ion Battery Use and Disposal Tips

06/02/23 Pratt Industries
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Putting safety first is a guiding principle for Pratt Industries. We emphasize and train employees on safe workplace practices, and we provide educational resources to help promote safety both at work and home. For National Safety Month in June, we want to share information on how to properly use and dispose of a popular household …

Celebrating the Women of Pratt Industries

03/06/23 Pratt Industries
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March is Women’s History Month, commemorating and encouraging the study, observance and celebration of the vital role of women in American history. At Pratt Industries, we value the dedication, experience and hard work of all of our employees. However, we want to take this opportunity to showcase how the inclusion of women in manufacturing brings …