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New Year, New You: Pratt Promotes Healthy Lifestyles

People 01/03/23 Pratt Industries
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Many people take the opportunity at the beginning of a new year to refocus on what they find most important, and personal wellness is often at the top of that list. With New Year’s resolutions comes a renewed sense of the importance of self care and healthy habits which Pratt is proud to support through …

Pratt Industries’ Hometown Heroes

People, Community 12/02/22 Pratt Industries
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Throughout the year, individuals and teams across Pratt Industries devote their time & energy to giving back to their local communities. As the end of the year approaches, we want to highlight the efforts and good works of a few of these hometown heroes donating their time and resources through volunteer activities, gift donations, mentorships …

Tips for Finding Your Post Military Professional Path

People 10/31/22 Pratt Industries
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Each year, approximately 250,000 service members transition from the military to civilian life.1 This transition can be one of new opportunities but also new challenges as it relates to finding a career. At Pratt Industries, we strive to help veterans find a career that fits their skills, provides meaningful work and helps build a successful …