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Putting Safety First: Lithium-Ion Battery Use and Disposal Tips

06/02/23 Pratt Industries
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Putting safety first is a guiding principle for Pratt Industries. We emphasize and train employees on safe workplace practices, and we provide educational resources to help promote safety both at work and home. For National Safety Month in June, we want to share information on how to properly use and dispose of a popular household …

Where Sustainability is Always Part of the Package

03/29/23 Pratt Industries
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In a recent interview with The Australian, global executive chairman, Anthony Pratt, spoke about his “green mission” to use recycling as “an important weapon in the effort to address climate change.” From Pratt Industries’ humble beginnings of a single paper mill in Macon, GA, to now building its sixth 100% recycled paper mill, and one …

At Pratt, Every Day is America Recycles Day

10/28/22 Pratt Industries
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At Pratt, every day is a day we support, promote and actively participate in recycling. Here, recycling means more than just converting used material into something new. Recycling is the first step in providing the recovered fibers, or feedstock, used for Pratt’s 100% recycled paper mills, making it a cornerstone of our business. Additionally, Pratt …

Harvesting the Urban Forest

04/07/22 Pratt Industries
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Anthony Pratt, Executive Global Chairman of Pratt Industries and Visy, often refers to Pratt’s material recovery programs and circular strategy as harvesting the urban forest. “Through our closed loop process,” says Pratt, “we harvest the urban forest to divert 3 million tons of paper, other recyclable materials and waste-to-clean energy materials from the landfill each …