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Operational Benefits of Pratt’s Integrated Supply Chain

07/12/21 Pratt Industries

Pratt Industries signature Close-the-Loop process gives old products new life through our fully integrated supply chain. Pratt operates an extensive recycling company to supply our five state of the art paper mills with recovered fiber. Our mills then supply our corrugators and sheet plants with 100% recycled containerboard which is used to create custom, sustainable packaging and display solutions for our customers. This integrated supply chain, consisting of material recovery facilities, paper mills, corrugators and sheet plants, helps us to pass cost savings on to our customers as well as to support their sustainability goals. To close the loop, Pratt Recycling, Inc. partners with businesses and communities to recover used corrugated boxes and paper products to start the process all over again.

This closed loop structure allows Pratt to offer both operational and sustainable benefits to our customers.
Closing The Loop

Improve Sustainability

Pratt focuses on reclaiming fiber through recycling Old Corrugated Containers (OCC) and mixed paper. The recovered fiber is then converted into recycled packaging, thereby reducing the impact on the environment. In addition, Pratt’s focus on lightweight packaging that is optimally sized for its contents means less material is used to engineer advanced containerboard grade structures, creating a more sustainable and efficient operation.

Manage the Waste Stream & Maximize Diversion

Pratt Recycling works with businesses and communities across the U.S. to help divert more than three million tons of materials from landfills every year. Pratt offers customers a recycling and waste stream management program that maximizes waste diversion and recycling revenues while creating cost savings.

Reduce Logistics Costs

Pratt Industries offers national reach and local service. Pratt’s series of corrugating and converting facilities strategically placed throughout the United States and Mexico help optimize the supply chain by providing a network of regional and local manufacturing for corrugated boxes and award-winning displays, packaging and fulfillment services.

Pratt Industries also operates an independent trucking company, Pratt Logistics, LLC,  to better serve both the internal needs of other Pratt divisions and subsidiaries and those of Pratt’s customers. With more than 400 trucks in its fleet, it utilizes distribution software with multiple system interfaces to improve service and cost.

Pratt Industries’ production of 100% recycled containerboard along with a continued commitment to product optimization and innovation gives our customers both sustainable and operational benefits. Learn more about Pratt Industries and our integrated supply chain.