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Pratt Industries Helps to Provide Innovative Solutions to Solve Real World Problems

01/14/18 Pratt Industries

Pratt Industries Water Event and W.S. Darley

Pratt Industries, working as a team with its Corporate Partners, to help provide innovative solutions to solve real world problems:

Working with Water Event and W.S. Darley, Pratt Industries has provided best-in-class, 100% recycled corrugated boxes, for the development and production of the Darley Safe Water Box. Each box contains 2.64 gallons /10 liters, of Premium Drinking water.

Moving water is a constant challenge that often puts military personnel at risk. The term “liquid logistics” highlights the constant tactical planning that is required to effectivity move water in the military theatre for successful mission execution.  To mitigate the dangerous reality that the military forces face, it is imperative to reassess all aspects of the supply chain.

Pratt Industries Water Event and W.S. Darley

Recently, the 3rd Brigade Combat Team of the 82nd Airborne Division utilized the Safe Water Box to provide the brigade’s units with water, during the initial phases of their recent Joint Readiness Training Center rotation at Ft Polk, LA.

Pratt Industries Water Event and W.S. Darley

The Bag in Box water is palletized in an A22 Cargo Bag that combined with energy dissipating material, create a Container Delivery System bundle, (CDS), that is delivered to the ground via cargo parachute, from US Air Force fixed wing cargo transport aircraft.   The Army likes the Bag-in-Box water packaging because it enables a longer shelf life, is more economical, sustainable and has less environmental impact, while providing for easier shipping and handling when deployed in the field.

Pratt Industries Water Event and W.S. Darley


For more information on the Darley Safe Water Box go to or GSA Schedule 86

The effort to bring safe water to the military is the culmination of expertise from four industry leading companies.

Pratt Industries
W.S. Darley & Company
Water Event
Smurfit Kappa