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Pratt Logistics: Optimized Supply Chain, Exceptional Customer Service & Reliable Partner

07/08/22 Pratt Industries

Pratt Logistics, LLC is an integral part of Pratt’s vertically integrated supply chain. Utilizing a tenured team, modern truck fleet and advanced technology systems, Pratt Logistics helps to optimize the supply chain, driving efficiencies and a superior customer experience.

Tenured, Customer-Focused Team

Pratt’s tenured team of logistics experts helps ensure products flow smoothly from Pratt facilities to customers, providing delivery transparency, proactive communications and a reachable point of contact in times of need. The team is also able to match outbound loads with assets generated on inbound deliveries to create operational efficiencies.

“Our logistics team is an essential part of Pratt’s vertically integrated supply chain, and that includes Pratt’s holistic service model and high expectations for a positive customer experience,” says Danielle Roszko, President of Supply Chain and Logistics. “When Pratt drivers drop off finished product, this may be one of the last interactions a customer has with Pratt until the next order. This makes the driver an important part of the customer experience. Our drivers take pride in this and are dedicated to living up to the Pratt promise of exceptional service throughout the entire buying cycle, including delivery.”

Contributing to Pratt’s integrated service model is driver retention and consistency. According to Scott Belt, Director of Recruiting for the logistics division, Pratt’s internal structure provides a family type atmosphere which blends comradery with stability and creates an environment of team dedication, personal security and loyalty to Pratt and to our customers. “The result is a driver retention rate which is significantly higher than the industry average,” says Belt.

Dedicated, Agile Fleet

To support Pratt’s expansive network of box plants and their customers, Pratt Logistics operates a dedicated fleet and services team, including drivers, dispatchers, support staff, log logistics managers and yard service. Additionally, a flexible fleet supports the Recycling and Mills divisions and may be used to supplement dedicated services to Pratt’s other divisions as needed.

“We have a flexible business model that allows us to optimize our tractors, trailers and drivers to best service our internal Pratt customers and their customers,” says Tom Olshefski, Vice President of Operations. “We manage the drivers, vehicles and schedules, and we have a dedicated, experienced team who knows how to create operational efficiencies to get more from the fleet.”

This agile approach helps to ensure Pratt’s customers receive consistent, reliable service even during times of supply chain disruption and transportation shortages. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Pratt Logistics was able to continue serving customers and keep supply chains moving.

“To stay agile, we have drop trailer, or drop-n-hook, capabilities,” says Olshefski, “allowing us to drop off one load and hook to a different one. This gives our customers more flexibility with their teams. We can also service trailers overnight.”

Utilizing slip-seat operations, where multiple drivers may operate a single tractor, Pratt is able to extend service hours, and optimize driver and tractor availability.  A mandated maintenance schedule and advanced onboard technology helps ensure driver safety and reliable service.

Pursuit of Technological Advancements

Pratt Logistics’ vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking and onboard computers and the average age of vehicles in the fleet is less than 5 years’ old.

Pratt prides itself on state-of-the-art facilities and innovative solutions to customer needs, so it’s no surprise that the Logistics team continually pursues technological innovations, including advancements in transportation and communications. The division has a dedicated technology innovations team for this purpose.

“We have developed a number of original apps used by our internal team but also some of which are publicly accessible for third party carriers,” says Brian Miedlar, Director of Technology. “The apps allow proof of delivery, including electronic verification through photographs, signed BOL documentation, dock appointment scheduling, delivery and pickup check-ins, and photos for quality checks among other things.”

The innovations team is continually testing new touchpoints and driver engagement to create greater visibility and quality assurance. While Miedlar cannot go into specifics yet, he says there are exciting things happening at Pratt Logistics and looks forward to launching new capabilities soon.

Reliable Partner & Competitive Advantage

Pratt Logistics is a strong player in the trucking and transportation industry. With its tenured, customer-focused team, modern fleet navigated by dedicated drivers and continual pursuit of technological advancements, it is an integral part of Pratt’s vertically integrated supply chain and service model. The team and services offered give Pratt’s customers a competitive advantage and reliable partner for the retailers, distributors and consumers they serve.