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Recycling in the Workplace: 4 Tips for Success

08/17/17 Pratt Industries

Pratt Industries on Paper Recycling | Recycle Paper

Dealing responsibly with office waste can have a significant impact on the environment. The Clean Air Council estimates that office workers throughout the U.S. generate two pounds of paper and related products each day, adding up to over four million tons annually. Clearly, starting a recycling program at your workplace can make a difference for the planet. Here are a few tips to help streamline the process:

Select a Recycling Leader

Starting a new method of dealing with waste requires a bit of planning and coordination. Choose an organized person, and (in larger settings) select a team made up of people from different departments to develop the most effective approach.

Assess Your Current Trash Flow

Before you can decide how to divert the stream of recyclables, you need to understand the current volume of what is thrown away. In Georgia’s environmental management recommendations for office recycling, they suggest hiring an outside recycling consultant. Pratt Industries offers a “close the loop” program for businesses and organizations. Pratt will assist your company in developing and implementing a plan that will make recycling easy while promoting growth in employee participation. Visit our recycling division website or call 888-347-7288 for more information about this program.

Create an Educational Campaign With Rewards

To achieve buy-in from all members of your organization, implement a highly visible education program, with a festive kick-off event. Bulletin boards can carry bright-colored reminders, and the team should conduct office meetings in order to answer questions and explain the program. Contests can be held between departments, with small rewards offered to the most successful group.

Choose the Right Containers

Recycling is all about collecting and transporting materials, and success can hinge on having the right container located in the most convenient spot. Pratt’s Corrugated Recycling Bins are large enough to accommodate significant amounts of any recycled material, and they are made from 100% recycled paper. Add a liner and you can re-use these sturdy bins again and again.

Making sure your office recycles its clean recyclable paper is not only a way to contribute to a healthier planet, but also an excellent way to reduce trash hauling costs and strengthen your business’s bottom line.